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Property tax accounts, that are collected by the Bexar County Tax Office, can be searched by the Owner Name, Business Name, Property Address, Account Number/Geo ID, County Appraisal District (CAD) Property ID, or Fiduciary Number.

Once you have searched and selected the account, the page will display the account number, ownership, mailing address, parcel address, current year tax amount, property value, exemptions, last payment, and payer information. This page will also allow individuals to process payments by credit card (2.10% fee) or e-check (free), print tax statements and receipts, as well as register for e-statements.

To search the account, select the search option from the drop-down menu below.

How to "Search":

  • Search by "Owner Name" When searching by owner name, enter the last name and then the first name; do not include commas, dashes, hyphens, or periods. If the name is common like "Smith Michael", search by the property address.
  • Search by "Business Name" Enter the first word of the business name without any commas, dashes, hyphens, or periods.
  • Search by "Property Address" Enter the street number, a [space], and then the street name. If the address includes N, S, E, W, place the letter in front of the street name and then a [space], but no periods. If the street name has more than one word, only enter the first word and first letter of second word. Do not enter St, Dr, Ave, or BLVD. Ex: 1234 Main or 567 Tobin G, not 1234 Main Street or 567 Tobin Gardens
  • Search by "Account Number or Geo ID" Enter the 12-digit account number with no spaces or dashes.
  • Search by "CAD Property ID Number (PID)" Enter County Appraisal District 6-digit property identification number PID with no spaces or dashes.
  • Search by "Fiduciary Number" Enter 8-digit fiduciary number with no spaces or dashes.

Click the Search button to begin searching for an account.